Globe Education Academy: Day 6

I have to admit that I’m a little delirious while I write this. We finished our work at the Globe this morning at 1:15am and were woken up by the maids cleaning our flat just after 9am. A large coffee is definitely needed. Maybe two.

That said, please don’t expect genius in this post. And please forgive any errors that I may make in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and whatnot.

Yesterday began with an hour with Giles. We ran through our lines and he gave us suggestions for how to read our lines based on the text. Immediately afterwards, my group met at Theo’s Cafe to run through our lines and continue our memorization work. I have to say that I’m feeling quite good about our scene.

Movement with Glynn followed. Then Voice with Sarah. During our voice session, we worked with Act 1, Scene 1 of Titus Andronicus, specifically the opening speeches of Saturninus and Bassianus. She gave us a few ideas for activities we could do in our classroom:

(1) Have one student read the speech. The group says each pronoun with him/her. (With this, it was interesting to see the contrast between the focus of each speech.)

(2) Have people stand up on a chair or table in order to read the speech. Have the class react. (With this, it was interesting to see what rhetorical devices are being used to excite an audience and draw them in.)

(3) Have people sit in a chair and read the speech as if they are on TV. (With this, it was interesting to see how the speech is appealing to people on a more personal level.)

My favorite idea came as an off-handed comment. Sarah mentioned His Girl Friday and that the characters speak quite fast, but are exceptionally clear. You can’t play that scene slowly. Her idea was to get the dialogue from the movie (knowing how long it takes Grant and Russell to speak the same amount of dialogue), and have students practice the scene trying to speak it as fast as they do (and still be clear).

After our last session, we went to Tas to celebrate Sarah’s birthday, and then made our way to the Globe to see A Midsummer Night’s Dream. It was fantastically hilarious.

Our evening ended with rehearsal…ON STAGE. Words cannot describe how incredibly awesome that was, so I will not try.

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