The Weekend

First, I think it is important to know that as I write this I am eating salt and malt vinegar crisps. Now that that’s taken care of, my weekend:

Yesterday was deemed “Nerdvana.”

After breakfast at Gail’s Bakery, Anne and I made our way to the Underground. Our mission? All things Dr. Who.

We first wanted to find one of the few blue police boxes in London. Outside the Earl’s Court station stands one such police box. We had a slight detour when the Tube’s doors opened at Baker Street. (Really, how can you pass up a chance for some Sherlock Holmes nerdiness?) Eventually we found ourselves outside of the Earl’s Court station, and just next to a newspaper stand stood what we had been searching for. Anne screamed–literally–with happiness. We then, for about ten minutes or so, amused the kind woman who ran the neighboring newspaper stand.

We then made our way to the Upton Park station to visit The Who Shop–the first and only Dr. Who Shop. It was, in a word, amazing. Inside stood two TARDISes that were used in the filming of the show. There was a Dalek as well. And, to our delight, there was everything Dr. Who you could possibly ever want to purchase. I would describe my purchases here, but as my husband is a reader to this blog and I do not want to spoil any surprise gifts for him, I will refrain.

Other highlights of Saturday included grabbing tomato and basil soup at Paul, shopping at Forbidden Planet, finding a tea shop, and eating Thai on Exmouth Street.

This morning, Bradley, Anne, Danielle, and I made our way over to Westminster Abbey to attend the 11:15 service. As an added bonus, we got to sit in Poet’s Corner. It was a little distracting, I have to admit. While the choir sang, I would find myself examining the stained glass and the next thing I knew I was geeking out over the fact that there were monuments to Gerard Manley Hopkins, Shakespeare, Lord Byron, Dylan Thomas, and the like.

Rhiann found me outside of Westminster, which I thought was a particularly impressive feat given the hordes of people outside of the church. We ate a quick lunch at BB Bakery, and then bought tickets to ride the London Eye. We timed our ride perfectly. The line wasn’t as bad as we had seen it just the weekend before. We even used the (shortish) time in line to work on memorizing our lines.

The view from the Eye is spectacular. What struck us first was just how vast London is. Then we realized just how much of it we have covered on foot. No wonder my feet hurt.

We stopped in a few touristy souvenir shops on our way back to the Underground, stopped at Waitrose for some groceries, and now I plan on reading, memorizing, eating, and Skyping with my husband this evening. I also plan on heading to bed much earlier than I have been. After we head to the Globe tomorrow morning, we won’t return until past 1am on Tuesday. But more on that later.


3 thoughts on “The Weekend

    • You know, it was really cute. I enjoyed sitting there. I’m not sure if I was a huge fan of the sandwich that I ordered, but I did like my latte.

      I think I’m much more a fan of Gail’s (I haven’t ordered anything bad yet), and Paul (their mocha is like drinking a chocolate bar in your coffee).

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