Globe Education Academy: Day 2 (Continued)

After I published last night’s post, I had a thought about how I would incorporate yesterday’s activity in my classroom. It would be very easy to replicate it, without having to visit London.

Students could be split into groups, and given the exact same prompts/tasks that we were given before we set out on our cross-London adventure. Rather than sending them out into the world, they could be provided with copies of the images from each location, with brief histories/explanations (much like those found next to images in art galleries).

After students are given time to look through the images and respond to the prompts, their job as a group would be to argue which is the truest image of Shakespeare. We were assigned one to argue for, which I don’t think is a bad idea at all. Whether we believed what we were arguing or not, we had to find a way to argue for it. That’s a good skill for kids to develop.

I could see using this at the beginning of a Shakespeare unit, as a way for students to learn about the man named William Shakespeare. I could see using this in place of the documentary that I showed this year.


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