R&J: Day 7

I feel that with this project our school schedule is my enemy:

  • On Monday’s I have shorter class periods (only an hour vs. about an hour and a half).  This would not be bad, except that it is combined with the other items on this list.
  • On Friday, we had an alternate schedule because of our Student Appreciation Breakfast (meaning shorter class periods).
  • This coming Friday, we have an alternate schedule because of the jog-a-thon (meaning a shorter class period).
  • The following Friday, we have a minimum day for staff development.
  • And just in time for my students to read Act 5: I chaperone our Sophomore Trip.

Don’t get me wrong.  All of these things are amazingly awesome.  It’s just that I want more time!

Due to Friday’s altered schedule–which I didn’t know about when making my initial calendar–I had to rearrange and remove some things that I wanted to do with my kids.

P1070844The class that had started the Queen Mab posters got 15 minutes to finish them up.  (I let them know that if they weren’t done at this point, I’d be available after school for them to come in and finish them up.  I won’t grade them until Tuesday or Wednesday to accommodate this after school work time.)  I loved having them with books in hand comparing what they were drawing to the text.

Acting 1.5 went well–for having squirrely 9th graders on a Friday afternoon on an altered schedule.  We took some time with Romeo and Juliet’s exchange.  In particular, we unpacked their discussion of hands, lips, and kisses.

The finish up, we previewed the Prologue for Act 2.  They had a bit of time to start in class, but are finishing up their translations this weekend using this graphic organizer (Act 2 Prologue) to help them.  We’ll start class on Monday hearing a few of their translations.

In other news, I just finished my in-depth planning for the week and I’m pretty excited for a few things:

  1. Using more of my Globe Education learning in class.  We’ll be attempting the 5-step rehearsal protocol from Workshop #2 in class on Monday with the ever-so-short 2.1.
  2. Using scenes from Franco Zeffirelli’s Romeo and Juliet.
  3. Using BBC’s Shakespeare Unlocked (videos + activities).

Should be a great week!



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