R&J: Day 5

I decided to give a quiz at the beginning of class to see how my kids were doing.  I just finished grading, and I have to say that a few minutes ago I almost danced for a joy.  The quiz scores were not horrible, and several students who have had issues with reading in the past did quite well!  Two in particular aced the quiz!  (That was pretty much the highlight of my year.)

Today in class we covered 1.2 and 1.3.  Students came in and asked, “Are we acting today?!”  Of course, I couldn’t disappoint them.  (Although, I think they may be slightly disappointed that sword fighting does not happen in every scene.)

P1070834At the end of class, we started to take a look at each of the major character who we have met so far and to determine what their attitudes towards love and marriage were.  For this activity, I adapted a handout from Folger’s Shakespeare Set Free (1.1-1.4 – Characters Attitude Towards Love).  My goal for the activity was that students:

  1. Got used to using act/scene/line notation in order to reference the text,
  2. Worked directly with Shakespeare’s language (in small chunks), and
  3. Compared and contrasted characters’ attitudes towards the same topic: love.

My students weren’t able to finish in class, so the handout went home for homework.  My plan is to review the homework tomorrow in class, using this version of the handout (1.1-1.4 – Characters Attitude Towards Love – Review) to both expedite the process and allow students to check their answers.


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