R&J Timeline, Glossary, and Character Map

Today I started thinking about what I wanted to give students as we read.  My goal is that they don’t trip up over the plot, but can focus on Shakespeare’s language.  I also wanted to create something that my struggling readers could refer to while reading (or preview before reading a scene).  I still need to chat through all of this with my team teacher, but I’m thinking about giving the following three handouts to my kids as a packet:

(1) Romeo and Juliet TimelineUsing Shakespeare’s Navagator’s Romeo and Juliet Chronology, and various scene-by-scene summaries on-line, I put together a timeline/summary of the play.

(2) Shakespeare Glossary — I created a handout based on this one that I found last night.  I’ll most likely add to this before photocopying it for the kids.

(3) Character Map — I’ll be using this character map from CliffsNotes.  (I’ve also recreated this as a huge poster that will be hanging up on the wall in our classroom.)


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