In Search of Shakespeare

Although the A&E Biography of William Shakespeare was good–it provided the facts in a concise way–it was a little dated.  My fear is that it wouldn’t capture my students’ attention.

This week, I went to the library and picked up a copy of In Search of Shakespeare, which originally aired on PBS.  I’ve only watched the first installment, but I’m pretty sure that this is going to be the video I will show my students.  It’s updated.  It’s interesting–both in terms of content and visuals.  The only problem is that it’s four hours in length.

My job this weekend: To determine which segment would be most useful for my students and set the historical context for our reading.

In other news, we have a guest speaker for our classroom!  It looks like Joaquin Fabela, who works for Panacea Services’ Gang Prevention and Intervention Services, will be coming to speak to our students during the first week of our project.  (You might remember that our project is going to be asking our students to examine the themes and conflicts presented in Romeo and Juliet and apply this to our city’s issue of escalating gang violence.)


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