Manga Shakespeare and Other News

Screen shot 2013-03-06 at 9.12.34 PMToday, I read my first manga–and it just so happened to be Romeo and Juliet.  One of the student teachers on campus heard that I was participating in the Globe Shakespeare Academy and that I would be teaching Romeo and Juliet soon.  He brought this by saying, “I thought you might like it!”

So this evening, I sat down next to my video game-playing husband, and read through it within the hour.  Of note:

  • Ok, so manga is kind of fun to read.  I also now have something to talk to a few of my students about.  (They’ll be so proud!)
  • This particular version did keep Shakespeare’s language.  I thought that the author did a good job deciding what lines to keep and what lines to scratch, keeping the overall story fairly well intact.
  • I liked some of the choices that the illustrator made.  As I read, the illustrations made me re-examine my own interpretations of some scenes.
  • If you haven’t read Shakespeare’s original text, I could see this getting a bit confusing.  It might be fun to refer a few of my students to, however, after we finish reading the play.

In other news:

  • I finished re-reading the actual play last night.  I forgot how fun Shakespeare is to read, and am really excited to get to reading the other four plays that I need to familiarize myself with before London.
  • I’ve identified several activities from Shakespeare Set Free that I want to include in my teaching of the play.  For someone who has never taught Shakespeare before, it is really proving to be a valuable resource.  I’ll probably end up purchasing my own copy, rather than just borrowing it from my coworker as I am now.
  • I have a tentative schedule for our Romeo and Juliet project.  I’ll probably fine tune it a bit before posting it here.
  • I’ve also located an A&E Biography of William Shakespeare, and have requested it from my local library.  I’m hoping that it arrives by Friday so that I can take some time to view it this weekend.

All in all, we’re definitely on track to start this project on April 1, the day we return from Spring Break.


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