R&J Update

Screen shot 2013-02-01 at 7.35.04 PMThere’s nothing like thinking that brand-new books will soon arrive in your classroom to make an English teacher smile.  This morning, I arrived at school to find that our Donors Choose project is 65% funded!  And it’s only been a week!

With this exciting news, my team teacher and I started plotting in regards to this upcoming project.  Thus far, we’ve decided the following:

  • We want to start with showing a film version of the play prior to reading to help our students have a visual in their head while they read.  Hopefully, that will help, somewhat, with their aversion to all things difficult language-wise.  Peter has suggested we start with Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet.
  • We were thinking about showing West Side Story once our kids were done, so they can see an adaptation of the story that connects to our project theme.  (We’ll see how this goes. My only attempt watching the movie musical was an experience that ended abruptly when Natalie Wood started singing “I Feel Pretty.”  My sister and I reached for the remote at the same time, hit rewind, got up, and drove straight to Blockbuster to return the video.  All of this was done without speaking.)  That said, are there any teachers out there who successfully show West Side Story to their students, or do kids find it too dated?
  • Guest speakers!  Our hope is to get an officer from the Sacramento PD’s Gang Unit to come speak to our kids post-reading.

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