Planning to Travel

P1070705 It came!

I’ve been excitedly perusing my new Fodor’s travel guide ever since my local UPS man left it on my doorstep Monday.  I’ll have a few days in London before my residency at The Globe begins in June, and I’ll be using the time to explore as I adjust to eight hour time change.

I’ve only traveled to London once in my life, and I’m not sure if my stay really counts.  I was traveling to Uganda, and had an eight hour layover on the trip over, and an overnight stay while heading home.  I honestly remember three things:

  • Being told to “mind the gap”
  • Big Ben
  • The tiny fan in my hotel room that tried so very hard to cool me down, but colossally failed.

That said, I’m excited to finally get a chance to really explore London.  The question is: Where do I go?  The British Museum is definitely on my list of places to visit, but honestly, I’m overwhelmed.  With just three days completely to myself, how I do I even begin to choose what to do?

So I’m asking you: What are the “must see” places for a basically-first-time visit to London?  I’m definitely taking suggestions.


6 thoughts on “Planning to Travel

  1. You won’t have any trouble cooling down this time ’round :) I’m not a Londoner but have lived there for 5 years, my pick would be the V&A museum, from there take a stroll around Knightsbridge, buy something at the Harrod’s food hall (anything else is out of price…), take a look around lovely Kensington (particularly the back roads around Kensington square, towards Gloucester road are wonderful) and finish off with a cheap and wonderful Asian meal at the Oriental Canteen where you will be the only tourist eating next to Asian people (it’s right next to the very touristy crepe place at South Kensington station). Tourists usually don’t enter, maybe they think the place looks too rough… Every meal I’ve ever had there was GREAT. I could keep on going but will stop myself now :) Enjoy London!!

  2. Welcome to London for a year! There are no shortage of must-see things – London is so diverse everyone’s list is different. There are a lot of good London Bloggers who post articles about what’s going on, places to go etc… that are a little fresher and up-to-date… I encourage you to do some searching for those. But in my opinion, the street markets are where London feels alive, particularly those in the East End.

  3. Such great suggestions! Although I’m sure that when I arrive in June for my residency, that it will be a bit on the hot side. ;) (It’s not too early to start planning, right?)

  4. No, don’t apologize! I love it. The more info the better. Thank you for these suggestions. I’ll be spending a lot of time at the Globe, so I’d love to spend some time at some other sites, like The Rose Theatre.

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